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Playliste vom 19. April 2006
Nr. Titelname Interpret Album Label
1 Quintillion (Slave Orbit) Interlace Septic V dependent
2 Weak In My Knees (Azoic Remix) Clan Of Xymox Weak In My Knees Pandaimonium Records
3 Bullet Digital Factor One More Piece Wannsee Records
4 Sweet & Salty Covenant Skyshaper Synthetic Symphony
5 Pusher Soman Unleash  
6 Logic Friends (Remixed By Kartagon) Diorama Re Pale Accession
7 Sentenced To Death Schattenschlag Twisted Mind Of Perversion Pandaimonium Records
8 Fly In An Amber Analogue Brain Machineries Of Joy Vol. 3 Out Of Line
9 Stitches Tolchock Wipe Out Burn Down Annihilate Cop International
10 Am I Dead?? Lola Angst Nik Page presents TF Rocks Wannsee Records
11 Ich spreng den Tag! Witt Bayreuth 3 Primadonna
12 Emerge (Junkie XL Remix) Fischerspooner #1 Capitol Records
13 Attention Dismantled Septic V dependent
14 In Your Eyes (Short Edit) XPQ-21 Septic V dependent
15 Up in Flames Misty Roses Two Zombies Later Comfort Stand
16 Lying Sack Of Shit Combichrist Machineries Of Joy Vol. 3 Out Of Line
17 Renegades Of Noize (Remixed by Asche) Haujobb Machineries Of Joy Vol. 3 Out Of Line
18 Samael Stigmata Industrial For The Masses Vol. 2 Out Of Line
19 Darkness Talla 2xlc Tranceology Hypnotic Records
20 Solar Coaster [Original Mix] Solar Stone DJ live in the Mix November 2005  

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