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Playliste vom 13. Juli 2005

Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 Covenant Stalker (Club Version) Ich zahl' nicht mehr! - Wave/Gothic Synthetic Symphony 
2 Melotron Lebenslauf Cliché Synthetic Symphony 
3 Diorama Dear Brother Amaroid Accession 
4 nCor Crime Nimm mich final dusk
5 Blind Passengers Small Town Night Timemachine - Synths & Hooks Wannsee
6 Blind Passengers No More Revolution Timemachine - Riffs & Shouts Wannsee
7 Nuuk Consolation Cold Kissed Eyes Voxroads
8 Pink Turns Blue The Lost Son (Phoenix) Phoenix Orden
9 Trisomie 21 Red Or Green Happy Mystery Child Le Maquis
10 Y-Luk-O Electricity Elektrizitätswerk final dusk
11 [:SITD:] Relief Coded Message:12 Accession
12 Combichrist Who's Your Daddy, Snakegirl? Everybody Hates You Out Of Line 
13 Combichrist Long Gone Everybody Hates You Out Of Line 
14 Jean Michel Jarre En Attendant Cousteau Waiting For Cousteau Epc

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