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Playliste vom 29. Juni 2005: 10 Jahre E.C.M.!

Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 3.1 Humate Superstition
2 Way In Earth Nation Terra Incognita Eye Q
3 I Like It Paul van Dyk Seven Ways MFS
4 Insomnia Faithless Reverence Intercord
5 Absurd Fluke Risotto Astralwerks
6 James Bond Theme Moby James Bond Theme Mute
7 Solitary VNV Nation Praise The Fallen Mindbase
8 Go Film Covenant Europa Synthetic Symphony 
9 State Of Mind Deniro Hook
10 Headhunter 2000 (Space Frog Mix) Front 242 Headhunter 2000 Part 1.0 Zoth Ommog
11 Snake Blood Leftfield The Beach London
12 Sonne Rammstein Mutter Universal
13 Goddess L.S.G. The Hive Superstition
14 Monochrome Covenant Northern Light Ka2
15 Now You Will Pay Laibach WAT Mute
16 Honour 2003 VNV Nation Honour2003 Anachron S
17 Let The Wind Erase Me Assemblage 23 Storm Accession
18 Splitter Fixmer/McCarthy Between the Devil... Synthetic Symphony 

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