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Playliste vom 01. Juni 2005
Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 Zerapine Jede Wahrheit Blind Camera BMG
2 Delaware Always Always Sony
3 Pink turns Blue Good Times Phoenix Orden
4 Deine Lakaien Secret Hideaway Secret Hideaway Capitol
5 Blind Pasangers Walking to Heaven Timemachine Wannsee
6 Diary of Dreams Treibsand MenschFeind Accession Records
7 Diorama The Girls Amoroid Accession Records
8 [:SITD:] Plastination City Coded Message: 12 Accession Records
9 yelworC Prodigies Of Black Trinity Minuswelt
10 Aslan Faction Weep For Me Bodybeats COP
11 Dive Lost Inside You Behind The Sun Daft Records
12 The Klinik Moving Hands Live At WGT 2004 Daft Records
13 Combichrist This Shit Will Fuck You Up Everybody Hates You Out Of Line
14 Rammstein Keine Lust (Curve Remix) by Front 242 Keine Lust Motor
15 Haujobb Speed Of Pain A Tribute To Marilyn Manson Cleopatra
16 nCor Das letzte Lied Nimm Mich Final Dusk
17 Y-Luk-O Electricity Elektrizitätswerk/TD> Final Dusk
18 Nuuk Consolation Cold Kissed Eyes Voxroads Records
19 Trisomie 21 The Touch Of Any Flame Happy Mystery Child The Maquis
20 Skinny Puppy Pro-Test Ich zahl nicht mehr Wave/Gothic Synthetic Symphony
21 The Azoic Conflict (Combichrist Remix) Advanced Electronics 3 Synthetic Symphony
22 Nitzer Ebb Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix) Advanced Electronics 3 Synthetic Symphony
23 Assemblage 23 Opened (Remix by Zero Crossing) Advanced ELectronics 3 Synthetic Symphony

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