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Playliste vom 9. Februar 2005
Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 Angels And Agony Stronghold Avatar Out Of Line
2 Fusspils 11 So bist du Elektro-Polizei (Alarm für Fusspils 11) Synthetic Symphony
3 Unheilig Freiheit (Neuroticfish Remix) Freiheit Four.Rock
4 Neuroticfish I Don't Need The City Gelb Strange Ways
5 Assemblage 23 Apart Storm Accession
6 Human Decay Disbelieve (Pagan Dance Mix by Plastic) Disbelieve Accession
7 Psyche The Belonging Kind The 11th Hour Accession
8 Diary of Dreams Kindrom Nigredo Accession
9 Nik Page Seelenfänger Sinmachine Wannsee
10 Girls Under Glass Truly Living Zyklus Cellar Door
11 [:SITD:] Richtfest [Destrioid] (RMX by Daniel Myer) Richtfest Accession
12 The Birthday Massacre Lover's End Violet Repo
13 Underwater Pilots Loud And Clear Tranquil Places Repo
14 Gregorian More The Dark Side Edel
15 Laibach Brat Moj (Random Logic Mix) Anthems Mute
16 Throbbing Gristle Still Walking (Carl Craig Re-Version) Muitant Throbbing Gristle Novamute
17 Depeche Mode Lie To Me ('The Pleaure Of Her Private Share' Remix by LFO Remixes 81...04 Mute
18 The Orb Kompania (Grooved Ware Mix) Bicycles And Tricycles The Hexus

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