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Playliste vom 24. September 2003
Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 Blank & Jones feat. Robert Smith A Forest (Original Mix)  A Forest Gang Go
2 Interview Dive
3 Dive  Two Faced Man  Two Faced Man  Trinity
4 Haujobb  Platform  Vertical Theory Out of Line
5 Interview The Crüxshadows Part 1
6 The Crüxshadows  Return (Coming Home) (Assemblage 23 Remix) Frozen Embers Dancing Ferret
7 Interview The Crüxshadows Part 2
8 Melotron  Kein Problem  Kein Problem Synthetic Symphony
9 In Strict Confidence  Kiss Your Shadow (Das Ich Remix) Kiss Your Shadow
10 Deine Lakaien  Where are you  White Lies Sony
11 Mesh  Friends Like These (Mesh/Binary_Girl Edit)  Advanced Electronics Vol. 2 (CD 1) Synthetic Symphony
12 Project Pitchfork  Timekiller  Daimonion WEA
13 BlutEngel  Bloody Pleasures  Seelenschmerz Out of Line
14 Interview Lithium
15 Lithium  Isolation  Cold Mnw
16 Mila Mar  Sense Of Being  Picnic On The Moon Strangeways
17 Interview Mila Mar Part 1
18 Mila Mar  Picnic On The Moon  Picnic On The Moon Strangeways
19 Interview Mila Mar Part 2
20 The Mission  Amelia  Aural Delight XIII Bis Records
21 Interview Wayne Hussey Part 1
23 The Mission  Never Let Me Down  Aural Delight XIII Bis Records

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