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Playliste vom 22. Oktober 2003
Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 Pride And Fall Inside Nephesh Dependent
2 Glis Hate You (Haujobb Mix) Equilibrium Alfa Matrix
3 Assemblage 23 Opened (GLIS Mix) cyberl@b V4.0 Alfa Matrix
4 Iris Unknown Awakening Infacted Recordings
5 Clan Of Xymox Fareweill Farewell Pandaimonium
6 Kosheen Wasting My Time (Radio Edit) Wasting My Time Moksha Recordings
7 Fad Gadget Collapsing New People (Collapsing Westbam Remix (Radio Edit)) Collapsing New People Mute
8 The Eternal Afflict Crucified Katharsis ep Scanner
9 Absurd Minds Essence The Focus EP Scanner
10 Painbastard Damned To Suffer Skin On Fire Accession
11 KMFDM From Here On Out WWIII Mayan
12 Placebo The Bitter End Sleeping With Ghosts Virgin
13 The Crüxshadows Return (Coming Home) (Neuroticfish Remix) Vier Factor #1 Dancing Ferret Discs
14 Midnight Configuration Metaphysical Sepulchre Rose Nightbreed
15 Deathstars The Rape Of Virtue Synthetic Generation Nuclear Blast
16 Lethargy The Golden Light In-Macula Black Flames
17 Endanger Erotic Motion:Reloaded Infacted Recordings
18 Suicide Commando Consume Your Vengeance Axis of Evil Dependent
19 Front Line Assembly Maniacal Maniacal Synthetic Symphony
20 Freeland We Want Your Soul (Infusion Remix) We Want Your Soul Virgin
21 ASCII.Disko Einfach (Album Version) Einfach Remixed L'Age d'Or
22 Underworld Born Slipp Nuxx (Paul Oakenfold Mix) Born Slipp Nuxx 2003 JBO

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