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Playliste vom 15. Januar 2003
Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 Angels & Agony Darkness (Inside Version) Darkness out of line
In the Nursery Angelorum The Acsension of Motherdance Alice in
3 Qntal Entre Moi O'Tristan Vielklang
4 Angels of Venice Nothing else matters forever after Accession
5 Claire Voyant Pieces Love is Blind Accession
6 Tristesse de la Lune Eiskalte Liebe Eiskalte Liebe out of line
7 Dead turns Alive Sublimal Slaves Fear Section Vol.I Fear Section
8 Final Selection Salvation Antihero Flames
9 Cap Are we Strong Statement Life is Painful Records
10 In Strict Confidence When the Heart starts to Bleed The Remixes Pt. 2 Drakkar
11 Absurd Minds Masterbuilder (Required Mix by Cyberaxis) Masterbuilder Dark Dimensions
12 Project Pitchfork Trialog (Extended Mix) Trialog WEA
13 Dracul Erlkönig Follow Me Spirit Production
14 Funker Vogt Red Queen (The White Rabbit) Red Queen Synthetic Symphony
15 DAF Der Sheriff (C90 Version von Ronan Haris) Der Sheriff
16 Culture Kultür Nemesis Machineries of Joy Vol.2 out of line
17 L.S.G. Saviour The Hive Superstition
18 Popshop Mad, le Temps Salon Bizarre raygun

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