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Playliste vom 4. Dezember 2002
Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 Angels & Agony Stormhead Forever out of line
2 Icon of Coil Access and Amplify (Club Mix) Access and Amplify Tatra Records
3 access_denied bridges (rmxd) Self Destructive upsolution
4 Accessory I say Go (Hocico-Mix) I say Go out of line
5 Mortiis Mental Maelstrom Serial Killer Electronics Tatra
6 Lithium Hero in Paradise Cold No Fashion Records
7 Sulpher Misery Spray dependent
8 Seabound Interview Teil 1
9 Seabound Dunnocks No Sleep Demon dependent
10 Seabound Interview Teil 2
11 Seabound Coward No Sleep Demon dependent
12 Seabound Interview Teil 3
13 Diorama Howland Road The Art of Creating Confusing Spirits Accession
14 Diary of Dreams The Scream Panik Manifesto Accession
15 Soil & Eclipse Sentence me Purity Cop
16 Final Selection Antihero Salvation Black Flames Records
17 L'Ame Imortelle Certainty Als die Liebe starb trisol
18 Popshop Role Model Salon Bizarre raygun
19 Richard Davis More of You Safety Punkt Music
20 Monolake White II n/a n/a
21 Orbital Oolaa Orbital Virgin

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