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Playliste vom 9. Oktober 2002
Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 SITD Snuff Machinery Snuff EP Accession
2 Funker Vogt Date of Expiration Survivor Synthetic Symphony
Melotron Welt du bist so still Weltfrieden Synthetic Symphony
4 Fields of the Nephilim Hollow Doll Fallen Jungle Records
5 Zeraphine Lass mich gehen Kalte Sonne Drakkar
6 Sulpher Fear me Spray dependent
7 Steril Strange Pusher Purification Strange Ways
8 Pzychobitch Face in your Hand Big Lover Pronoize
9 Re:/Legion Diving Reflections n/a
10 Sleepwalk Paranoid Visions Final Impact Scanner
11 Framework Two faces (Shizo) re:flections Scanner
12 Cycloon Simulated Human Zeitseize Scanner
13 Geistform Vortex Uno Daft
14 Xebox Toxic Trash ...and we have a Future Pronoize
15 Dive Insanity Lies in Your Eyes Daft
16 Boytronic Living without you (Jan Driver Dub Mix) Living without You Strange Ways
17 Covenant Monochrome Northern Light Sony
18 Chemical Brothers Hoops Come with us Virgin
19 Underworld Dinosaur Adventure 3D A Hundred Days Off JBO
20 Air Liquide Everywhere X BMG

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