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Playliste vom 5. Juni 2002
Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 Die Krupps Metalmorphosis Odyssey of the Mind Rough Trade
2 Silent Invasion Entering the Forest The dead born Content n/a
3 Dive Eye of the Past First Album Minus Habens
4 The Klinik World Domination Plague Antler
5 SPK Slogun Auto Da Fe The Grey Area
6 New Order Close Range Get Ready London
7 Distorted Reality In my Dream The fine Line between Love and Hate Accession
8 Megadump Life Bizzarre Futura Accession
9 Plastic Being Boiled [kunst]:Stoff Accession
10 Magenta Mermaid little girl lost re:pop
11 Neurotic Fish It's not me Les Chansons Neurotiques Strange Ways
12 Moby Another Woman 18 Mute
13 [:SITD:] Snuff Machinery Snuff EP Accession
14 cEvin Key horopter The Ghost of each Room Metropolis
15 Zen Paradox Say Goodbye to the dark Place The Light at the End...? PSY Harmonics
16 Fluke Electric Guitar - Humbucker Six Wheels on my Wagon Circa
17 Computerjockeys Cozmic Girl Plankton Island
18 Sterac Liteon Tresor. 185 True Spirit Tresor
19 Tiny Robot Theme from Tiny Robot Tresor. 185 True Spirit Tresor
20 Clock DVA The Hacker Tresor. 185 True Spirit Tresor

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