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Playliste vom 24. April 2002
Nr Interpret Titel CD Label
1 NIN Head like a Hole And all that could have been nothing
2 Clear Vision The Call The Call Accession
3 Mesh Little Missile Who watches over me Home Records
4 China-Touch I'm not sure I'm not sure n/a
5 Stendal Blast & Veljanov Nur ein Tag Nur ein Tag EFA
6 Deine Lakaien Wunderbar White Lies Chrom Records
7 Diary of Dreams AmoK AmoK Accession
8 Welle Erdball Transrapid Die Wunderwelt der Technik Synthetic Symphony
9 State of the Union Enemy of the State Black City Lights Accession
10 :wumpscut: Wreath of Barbs (Neurotic Fish Mix) Wreath of Barbs n/a
11 Girls under Glass As time goes by Minddiver Aragon Records
12 Psyche Sanctuary (Arcade Mix) Endangered Species Accession
13 Pet Shop Boys The Samurai in Autumn Release Parlophon
14 VNV Nation Carbon Futureperfect dependent
15 Pain Station Suffocate Dead is Dead COP
16 Oneiroid Psychosis Disturbances Dreams (with Pollutions when virile) COP
17 Timo Maas Shifter Loud Perfecto
18 Air Liquide Nothing to fear X proof
19 S.I.Futures Ionic Funk The Mission Statement nuvamute
20 Ritchie Hawtin Diverse Decks, EFX & 909 novamute

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